August 26, 2009

English Presentation

Todays post is quite special because I have dedicateed it especially for my classmates and of course my beloved lecturer, Miss Dila. This post is a brief review on what I presented in English for Pre-Medical Students class. I chose this wonderful disease, more likely a syndrome to be presented to the whole class.

I promised to my class that I would uploaad this movie on Edward's Syndrome

I found this video clip while browsing through And I felt that it was some sort of "calling" for me to spread the word of"Edward's Syndrome".

Just a brief introduction to Edward's Syndrome, it is a type of genetic disease that is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in the eighteenth pair. So basically, its just like another type of chromosomal distruption just like Down's Syndrome.

So, for the rest of the story, you can watch this movie and maybe you can judge it by yourself want you think about Down's syndrome.

July 15, 2009

Reality Check-up!!!

Well it seems that university life is not all

"happily ever after"

its just not that packed like your school life

and it is undeniable that it really upholds our "childish dreams"

~no rules~

You can do what ever you want,

with no one to stop you,

except for your own principles and virtue that will certainly be tested

whether you awnt to do it or not.

So basically, its a free world here in INTEC,

but only bounded and restricted to what YOU believe in.

For now, life here is still simple and happy,

(everything seems to be normal and fine),

but I know that one day,

my principles wiil be tested,

and I hope that I won't break away.

So, let's do a reality check-up!

I have assignments to do

  1. Finish the slides for our Civilization presentation (Pharmacy)

  2. Finish the written report for our individual presentation for English (I'm writing about Edward's Syndrome)

  3. Finish full slide presentation + report for Biochemistry (it's about polymerase chain reaction a.k.a PCR) and for Biology (interesting topic about "endoscopes")

  4. and I almost forgot that I also have to finish our presentation for Islam and Medicine under the topic euthanasia.

And what is worrying me the most that all these assignments need to be finish in this month


Well, I guess that's enough for our reality check-up
(I think I'm having a headache right now)

July 14, 2009

New Grounds

Its been quite along time since my last post.
(I think it was last two weeks ago)
And it seems during this missing period,
many things has happen so quickly.

The most exciting thing (well it was quite exciting lah),
we've just finished our BTN.
Throughout the whole week,
there were some "hot issues"
that we discussed together,
while at the same time enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kem Sepang,
located near the beach
(even though we did not had the chance to go there).

We also did abseiling, which was quite fun
(it was nearly as tall as a four floor building).

But all in all, everything seems to be very relaxing during the BTN.
(It felt quite sad at the end of the week, because we had to face the reality world again)

So now,
I'm trying to settle back in INTEC again,
while cathching up with our studies and presentation.

These are the following things that happened throughout the week:

  1. Went to BTN. Came back from BTN.
  2. Our class has just been transferred to another block (U203)
  3. We've finally progressed through the second month of our Arabic Ammi class (no more Malay or English in class, or you'll have to pay 20 cents)
  4. Just had our third Biochemistry quiz yesterday about Lipid with our lecturer (nearly cried through the quiz!!!)
  5. My apartment is quite silent and lonely at night without the storm of the MTD students (they've gone to the BTN)
  6. The A-Level students have come back and taken over our class and cafeteria.
  7. Met a entire bunch of new faces including my schoolmates in the long course programs
  8. We're coming closer to the final end of our three months program in INTEC (OH MY GOD! We're going to Egypt soon!!)
That's all for this weeks' review, I hope next week will be even better!!!

July 2, 2009

~Sweet and Lovely~

Our role play just finished today,
and well, all I can say is
that everything went well
plus there were few funny scenes along the way.

Our mission,
was to create a real life situation between
a doctor and a patient
especially "breaking bad news" with patients.

All in all,
all 13 groups weer fantastic,
it was like watching a full theater
of 13 patients suffering from
multiple personality disorder (very funny), HIV+ (even funnier),
two shocked cases about leukemia, renal disease (with "rabbani")
and many more.

One of the funniest part was the HIV+ case,
about a patient taking his screening test before getting married,
saying "sweeeet and lovely"
at the beginning of his dialogue
about how wonderful getting married is.
The actor, in real life was quiet silent
but become the funniest actor in front of the class.

Another, scene still in the HIV+ case,
was when the doctor advised wearing.....condom to the patient
while showing it in its packet,
had actually raised the eyebrows of our lecturer,
asking how did we get the condom.

Well, after some explanations,
(a lecturer who was a pharmacist supplied it)
only then the lecturer was quite relieved.

With the end of our role-play session,
and after submitting our written report about
'Islamic Contributions in Pharmacy and Pharmacology"
for our Civilization in Islam course,
I'm feeling a lot better after finishing some of the assignments.
Now, i can concentrate on other assignments, as well for my BTN next week.

So, next week, all the MEPs are going to
Biro Tata Negara (BTN)
in Meru, Klang.
SO, for now I'm quite anxious about this program.
How is it going to be?

p/s: before I forget, I'm going to "Seminar Muslim Medic" this Sunday,
hope I can learn a lot of things.

June 30, 2009

The Day Before The Role-Play

Its beeen a while now,
since my last post from last week.
And thousands of things has happened
just in a short period.

We have just finished our second
Biochemistry test
it was about
And sure it was very tough.
Nothing's easy here.

And teh results to have come out,
and Alhamdulillah, it seems there has been some improvement.

But tomorrow there's going to be another test,
its the role play.
My partner, Ammar and I
are going to present a role-play between
a patient and his doctor.

So, I really hope everything is going to be fine tomorrow!

June 26, 2009

52 Hours Non-Stop Multilingual Public Speaking 2009

Earlier this week, on Wednesday,
was the closing ceremony of
52 hours non-stop multilingual public speaking 2009.

The main objective was
to create the first Malaysian record of 52 hours of non-stop public speaking.
Almost446 students took part to help create this record.

Each and every student that took part in this record
had to choose what language they wanted to use:
  1. Malay
  2. English
  3. Mandarin
  4. Tamil
  5. Arabic
  6. Russian
  7. Korean
  8. Japanese
  9. German
  10. French
  11. and of course....."Persian"
I also took part in creating this world record,
speaking Arabic
with the title: Unity Is the Basic to Success.

I also had the chance to witness the
closing ceremony
where Yaqzan was the second last speaker
and Madihah the last.

Everything was interesting and fun.
I gained a lot of experience through this.


Its been a while since I last posted something new in my blog.
So for this week,
I'm going to share something that happened
just earlier this week.

Or also known as
Kokurikulum-Pelajar Luar Negara,
is a programme that is specially prepared
by INTEC for students that are going to overseas.

this programme is held for long course students
ADFP, ACTP, Korean and Japanese Program.

However, it was starting by this year that
INTEC has decided to include
the short course students,
MEP and Russian Programme.

So, on that particular day (I can't remember when)
we all assembled at the main hall in INTEC.
I haven't told you but INTEC's building
is actually a school building.
However, INTEC can be called the "modern school".

We spent most of the day (a whole day)
doing discussions and group working a.k.a "LDKs"
The most memorable thing about the KO-PLN
was the unique song that we all had to sing together

"Kami anak muda,
Kami anak mulia,
Kami sayang diri sendiri."

"Ayuh kawan-kawan,
kita tunjuk bukti,
jaga maruah diri,
sampai ke mati."

My Beloved Hometown!

The place I"ll be for the next 6 years!!!