June 10, 2009

Surprise, Surprise! It's Quiz Time!!!!

From my past experience at my old school,

exams were usually held at certain times

with mostly all the subjects crammed together in the same week.

So, it could be like having three weeks of exams for all the subjects,

and each paper will include all the syllabus for that certain subject.

However, in INTEC, everything is different.

It was just on this Tuesday,

that our class (I haven't mentioned it before, MEG2)

had sat for our first quiz that would affect our final score

for this subject which is......Biochemistry.

The quiz was quite tough altough
some of my classmates did it quite smoothly.
Well I guess it all comes back to you.
I should have spent more time on my lecture notes
How about you?

Before I end today's post,
let's listen to this story:

There was once 3 painters.
The first painter painted because his was afraid of his boss.
The second painter painted because he wanted the money.
The third painter painted because he loved painting houses.
Which painter would you want to be?

Our tutorial lecturer shared with us this story
and I wanted to share it with the whole world.

If you really wanted to be somebody

With that I end this post for today!