July 15, 2009

Reality Check-up!!!

Well it seems that university life is not all

"happily ever after"

its just not that packed like your school life

and it is undeniable that it really upholds our "childish dreams"

~no rules~

You can do what ever you want,

with no one to stop you,

except for your own principles and virtue that will certainly be tested

whether you awnt to do it or not.

So basically, its a free world here in INTEC,

but only bounded and restricted to what YOU believe in.

For now, life here is still simple and happy,

(everything seems to be normal and fine),

but I know that one day,

my principles wiil be tested,

and I hope that I won't break away.

So, let's do a reality check-up!

I have assignments to do

  1. Finish the slides for our Civilization presentation (Pharmacy)

  2. Finish the written report for our individual presentation for English (I'm writing about Edward's Syndrome)

  3. Finish full slide presentation + report for Biochemistry (it's about polymerase chain reaction a.k.a PCR) and for Biology (interesting topic about "endoscopes")

  4. and I almost forgot that I also have to finish our presentation for Islam and Medicine under the topic euthanasia.

And what is worrying me the most that all these assignments need to be finish in this month


Well, I guess that's enough for our reality check-up
(I think I'm having a headache right now)

July 14, 2009

New Grounds

Its been quite along time since my last post.
(I think it was last two weeks ago)
And it seems during this missing period,
many things has happen so quickly.

The most exciting thing (well it was quite exciting lah),
we've just finished our BTN.
Throughout the whole week,
there were some "hot issues"
that we discussed together,
while at the same time enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kem Sepang,
located near the beach
(even though we did not had the chance to go there).

We also did abseiling, which was quite fun
(it was nearly as tall as a four floor building).

But all in all, everything seems to be very relaxing during the BTN.
(It felt quite sad at the end of the week, because we had to face the reality world again)

So now,
I'm trying to settle back in INTEC again,
while cathching up with our studies and presentation.

These are the following things that happened throughout the week:

  1. Went to BTN. Came back from BTN.
  2. Our class has just been transferred to another block (U203)
  3. We've finally progressed through the second month of our Arabic Ammi class (no more Malay or English in class, or you'll have to pay 20 cents)
  4. Just had our third Biochemistry quiz yesterday about Lipid with our lecturer (nearly cried through the quiz!!!)
  5. My apartment is quite silent and lonely at night without the storm of the MTD students (they've gone to the BTN)
  6. The A-Level students have come back and taken over our class and cafeteria.
  7. Met a entire bunch of new faces including my schoolmates in the long course programs
  8. We're coming closer to the final end of our three months program in INTEC (OH MY GOD! We're going to Egypt soon!!)
That's all for this weeks' review, I hope next week will be even better!!!