July 2, 2009

~Sweet and Lovely~

Our role play just finished today,
and well, all I can say is
that everything went well
plus there were few funny scenes along the way.

Our mission,
was to create a real life situation between
a doctor and a patient
especially "breaking bad news" with patients.

All in all,
all 13 groups weer fantastic,
it was like watching a full theater
of 13 patients suffering from
multiple personality disorder (very funny), HIV+ (even funnier),
two shocked cases about leukemia, renal disease (with "rabbani")
and many more.

One of the funniest part was the HIV+ case,
about a patient taking his screening test before getting married,
saying "sweeeet and lovely"
at the beginning of his dialogue
about how wonderful getting married is.
The actor, in real life was quiet silent
but become the funniest actor in front of the class.

Another, scene still in the HIV+ case,
was when the doctor advised wearing.....condom to the patient
while showing it in its packet,
had actually raised the eyebrows of our lecturer,
asking how did we get the condom.

Well, after some explanations,
(a lecturer who was a pharmacist supplied it)
only then the lecturer was quite relieved.

With the end of our role-play session,
and after submitting our written report about
'Islamic Contributions in Pharmacy and Pharmacology"
for our Civilization in Islam course,
I'm feeling a lot better after finishing some of the assignments.
Now, i can concentrate on other assignments, as well for my BTN next week.

So, next week, all the MEPs are going to
Biro Tata Negara (BTN)
in Meru, Klang.
SO, for now I'm quite anxious about this program.
How is it going to be?

p/s: before I forget, I'm going to "Seminar Muslim Medic" this Sunday,
hope I can learn a lot of things.

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