June 26, 2009

52 Hours Non-Stop Multilingual Public Speaking 2009

Earlier this week, on Wednesday,
was the closing ceremony of
52 hours non-stop multilingual public speaking 2009.

The main objective was
to create the first Malaysian record of 52 hours of non-stop public speaking.
Almost446 students took part to help create this record.

Each and every student that took part in this record
had to choose what language they wanted to use:
  1. Malay
  2. English
  3. Mandarin
  4. Tamil
  5. Arabic
  6. Russian
  7. Korean
  8. Japanese
  9. German
  10. French
  11. and of course....."Persian"
I also took part in creating this world record,
speaking Arabic
with the title: Unity Is the Basic to Success.

I also had the chance to witness the
closing ceremony
where Yaqzan was the second last speaker
and Madihah the last.

Everything was interesting and fun.
I gained a lot of experience through this.


Its been a while since I last posted something new in my blog.
So for this week,
I'm going to share something that happened
just earlier this week.

Or also known as
Kokurikulum-Pelajar Luar Negara,
is a programme that is specially prepared
by INTEC for students that are going to overseas.

this programme is held for long course students
ADFP, ACTP, Korean and Japanese Program.

However, it was starting by this year that
INTEC has decided to include
the short course students,
MEP and Russian Programme.

So, on that particular day (I can't remember when)
we all assembled at the main hall in INTEC.
I haven't told you but INTEC's building
is actually a school building.
However, INTEC can be called the "modern school".

We spent most of the day (a whole day)
doing discussions and group working a.k.a "LDKs"
The most memorable thing about the KO-PLN
was the unique song that we all had to sing together

"Kami anak muda,
Kami anak mulia,
Kami sayang diri sendiri."

"Ayuh kawan-kawan,
kita tunjuk bukti,
jaga maruah diri,
sampai ke mati."

My Beloved Hometown!

The place I"ll be for the next 6 years!!!