July 15, 2009

Reality Check-up!!!

Well it seems that university life is not all

"happily ever after"

its just not that packed like your school life

and it is undeniable that it really upholds our "childish dreams"

~no rules~

You can do what ever you want,

with no one to stop you,

except for your own principles and virtue that will certainly be tested

whether you awnt to do it or not.

So basically, its a free world here in INTEC,

but only bounded and restricted to what YOU believe in.

For now, life here is still simple and happy,

(everything seems to be normal and fine),

but I know that one day,

my principles wiil be tested,

and I hope that I won't break away.

So, let's do a reality check-up!

I have assignments to do

  1. Finish the slides for our Civilization presentation (Pharmacy)

  2. Finish the written report for our individual presentation for English (I'm writing about Edward's Syndrome)

  3. Finish full slide presentation + report for Biochemistry (it's about polymerase chain reaction a.k.a PCR) and for Biology (interesting topic about "endoscopes")

  4. and I almost forgot that I also have to finish our presentation for Islam and Medicine under the topic euthanasia.

And what is worrying me the most that all these assignments need to be finish in this month


Well, I guess that's enough for our reality check-up
(I think I'm having a headache right now)

1 comment:

thecolourispurple said...

all the best with your course in INTEC..
cherish the moments as u will be missing it when u r in egypt.
at least i went thru all those..
again..all the best!!