August 26, 2009

English Presentation

Todays post is quite special because I have dedicateed it especially for my classmates and of course my beloved lecturer, Miss Dila. This post is a brief review on what I presented in English for Pre-Medical Students class. I chose this wonderful disease, more likely a syndrome to be presented to the whole class.

I promised to my class that I would uploaad this movie on Edward's Syndrome

I found this video clip while browsing through And I felt that it was some sort of "calling" for me to spread the word of"Edward's Syndrome".

Just a brief introduction to Edward's Syndrome, it is a type of genetic disease that is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in the eighteenth pair. So basically, its just like another type of chromosomal distruption just like Down's Syndrome.

So, for the rest of the story, you can watch this movie and maybe you can judge it by yourself want you think about Down's syndrome.

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