June 6, 2009

Money, Money, Money

Living in INTEC has never been this tough.

We live in a world where money is quite the "thing" that you always need.
Without it, life would be quite tough

And life in INTEC has been quite a challenging (financially) for me.
With almost no income, and scholarship money that has not been banked in yet,
I just have to be quite careful with each penny.

With university books that are quite expensive
( I have never met a book that costs RM 80.00),
I have to think twice when i want to eat at Rafi Bistro

(hahaha a very expensive "mamak restaurant)

With other priorities in mind, it seems that I just have to be
really, really, really careful

This video clip is quite funny.
I used it in my English for Pre-Medical Students class.
It was for one of my earliest presentation. My group did a presentation on "Yoga",
and we added this clip to "spice up" the presentation.
Although, at first the class did not laugh
(I don't know why....maybe they were stunned by this clip)
but finally the whole class erupted in fists of laughter. Hahahaha

June 5, 2009

A Dedication

For this entry's blog, I would like it to be a special dedication
to one of my classes here in INTEC.
As we all know, in this three (short) months of preperation before
"flying" to Egypt,
we are not only preparing to overcome the language barrier there in Egypt only,
but we are also preparing to become medical students
by taking up some of the medical subjects here in INTEC.
Among one of the subjects that I'm taking here in INTEC is,
English for Pre-Medical Students.
Sounds like a very tough subject but actually
it is one of most relaxing and enjoyable classes
ccompared to the other subjects.
Sincerely, so far the classes has been enjoyable.
For example, my recentenglish class was about
the presentation about various cultures in our world.
In fact it was really enjoyable as
we gained lots of new information in the most enjoyable way.
Like the Sangoma in Africa actually opened up my eyes on how people still believed in superstitious practice even in this era.
All in all, these English classes have been very interesting.

June 3, 2009

Fast and Flying

Fast and flying
(sounds like "fast and furious", hahaha)
is what I like to call the term that I use after going through several of the lectures here.
Its a different kind of teaching method that really dazzles me.
My experiences in some of the lectures where it is held in the frezzing lecture "hall", packed with three classes, has really becoming a challenge to me.
With lectures, "flying" through the subjects, you have to be really focused and
pay full attention to teh topic.
I know this might sound a little bit "negative", but seriously everyone in INTEC is facing the same situation. Like one of my tutorial lecturer said,
" in life you can choose to be a bee, and see "flowers" where ever you go,
but if you choose to be a fly, and you will see "garbage, trash and all the dirty things aroud you"
Sounds philoshophic right, haha
But truly, what she said touched me in a sense that, if you choose to be positive
then you will see the goodness and brightness in everything.
So, I'm taking this "fast and flying" situation as a challenge that I will have to face
with the help of many friends and through the guidance of my lectures
with some extra efforts.