June 17, 2009

"Nasi Lemak" and Scombroid Toxicity

(Erm...someone's hungry)

What a very weird title for a post...?
But believe me or not,
by combining these two elements,
"Fat rice" (no lah, its the nasi lemak)
and.... Scombroid Toxicity
you will end up with the perfect
food-and-learning fiesta!!!

It all happened today,
on this beautiful Thursday.
Our normal Thursday schedule for today was:
  1. 2 hours of Introduction to Islam and Medicine
  2. 2 hours of English for Pre-Medical Students
  3. and finally another 2 hours for Arabic Ammi
However, two of my favourite subject today was canceled
and was going substituted on another day.
So we had just one class for today,
and that was English.

The most interesting part of todays class was
we did two things at the same time


Sounds funny but it was true.
Our kind lecturer had actually bought each of us a 'Nasi Lemak"
And truly, it was the best "Nasi Lemak" ever.

What was the most funniest thing about it was that
while we scrumptiously indulging in our "Sambal Heaven",
with some licking their fingers,
and some happily munching the crunchy cucumber,
our lecturer continued to teach us and we still responded.

It was a very effective way of handling a class
because everyone was listening
while filling up their tummy.

I hope next time we might have the chance to do this again.

(we learned about scrombroid toxicity while eating, hahaha)

p/s: about the scrombroid toxicity try to find it yourself,
it has something to do with fishes a.k.a dark meat.

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AxL VoGa said...

eating in class while learning??