June 17, 2009


Sounds like a very wierd title for a post
but this is the story behind it.

In my last post
I mentioned how challenging
it was to sit for a quiz that you are not really prepared for.

But somehow after the the long wait
our biochemistry lecturer finally gave back our papers.

(I wasn't this excited when I got my results)

Well I got 23.5/40 for my Biochemistry quiz.
I am not quite happy with the results
because I know I can do it better
but next time I'll just have to give my 100 % effort

This is one of the question:
Draw the basic water molecules and label its bonds.

This is how the answer should be
but I drew it............
well lets just say that if you looked at it
it would appear like a
"new discovery in the chemistry field"
(I should get a Nobel prize for this!!!)

What we can all learn from this is that
  1. Always be prepared for your exams
  2. Please do your revision or you'll really regret it
  3. You just have to learn to laugh at your silly mistakes
  4. And do it better next time.
We have just finished our Physiology quiz today
and I do hope that the results
will not be as "funny' as my Biochemistry paper.

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