May 27, 2009

The First Two Weeks

Goodbye~ to the past, and Hello~ to the future.

After nearly four months of relaxation at home, it is time to go back to school, ooppss.... wrong sentence, it time to go to university. These first two weeks in International Education Centre (INTEC) has been a new experience for me. Even after these two weeks, I'm still lost in the transition from a school student to become a university student. With no one to watch over you and almost no rules to abide (though there are stilll some rules you know), being a university student can be quite a freedom.

Some of the classes has already started and seriusly they shock me a lot. The fact that you have to be really fast and mentally prepared as some of the lectures here are very different from the way school teachers use (the spoon-feed method). You have to some times depend on friends and find other ways to help you "survive" through the classes.

Apart from that, through these two weeks, I have to be mentally prepared to face people from all walks of life. People I've never met before with astonishing and sometimes very weird personalities. However, you will always have to learn to accept everyone and to adjust to your environment.

Yup, these two weeks in INTEC have been quite normal for me, but you may never no what really awaits for you in the future.

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world of memory said...

well....its a nice experience rite
sometimes we HAVE TO go through all diz
foe our future :)
njoy ur new environment